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About the Program

12 Hours

Of Powerful Group

5 Modules

That align your team with company goals.

HRD Corp

"Go further faster by connecting, bonding, and uplifting your team."

Stronger Together is an indoor team building designed to bring your team together towards your company goals. This is done by creating a safe space for participants to interact authentically, bond, and uplift each other.

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Course Objective


Enabling participants to unite towards the company goals through connecting, bonding, and uplifting your teams from all departments.

Course Outcome


Participants will understand the company direction, build meaningful relationships with each other, and choose what gifts they want to contribute to the company goals.

What You Get



Aligning your team with the company goals and the theme that you have set for your company.



Participants will be connected and bonded,
bringing new relationship dynamics into the business.



Participants will be uplifted, recharged, and ready for what's to come for the business.

How We Align Your Team

Powerful Facilitation Processes

Having developmental processes that serve the individual in a group setting means that every single one of your team members are impacted in a meaningful way while they are aligning with your company goals and direction.

Phototherapy Coaching Tools & Expressive Arts

Using phototherapy coaching and facilitation tools with expressive arts to allow your team to really tune in and reflect about your company and the direction you are all heading towards as a team. 

Powerful Coaching Questions

To ensure your team makes the best invitations for the upcoming year, we use powerful coaching questions that will enable them to choose their commitments to the company, and ask for the support they require to achieve the company goals.

Help your leaders become the leader they know they can be.

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Looking forward to your transformation! 

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